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The Lich of Bloodloch.
The scent of death, decay, and rotting flesh makes most creatures turn in disgust, and it becoms uncomfortable to continue to gaze upon this wretched sight. Draped in blood red silken robes which carry down from her shoulders, Amairgen is dressed quite regally. Her eyes have sunken back into her head, and the flesh around is peeling off, in some areas exposing the skeleton underneath. The shadow cast by the hood of the robe hides the details of her face, however you still notice the penetrating stare of red eyes from within the shadows. Her fingers are thin, barely more than bone, yet she seems to do ordinary tasks with ease. A royal blue cord is tied about her waist, and several pouches hang from it, supporting a variety of mysterious items. She regards those about her only as much as necessary, focusing on a large tome which she carries with her always.

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Amairgen was a powerful sorceress and Lich aligned with Bloodloch during the early years of the current mortal epoch. She was instrumental in the reforging of the Demon Blade and was later destroyed by an attempt to channel the essence of Rahn.