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Created as living vessels of knowledge intended to spread civilization about Aetolia, the Ankyrean Order stood as the perfect examples of mortals. Their capacity for knowledge was overwhelming; their libraries rivaled the libraries of the Gods Themselves. They housed themselves in the Citadel of Spinesreach, far away from mortal outposts. Founded in the first year of the Second Epoch of Mortality, this age is thusly called 'The Ankyrean Age'. By the end of this Epoch, the Order was basically annihilated by the treachery of its members, and today only one Ankyri remains - Qeddwyn, of Esterport.

On one hand, the Ankyreans were mortal, and typically lived the same life span that your average mortal did. On the other hand, to a normal mortal the Ankyreans seemed perfect. They were superior in intellect, in hunting, and in their spiritual devotion to the Gods. In exchange for this unwavering loyalty, the Gods looked benevolently down upon them, showering them with blessings and favors.

The relationship between the Ankyreans and the rest of the mortals was precarious at best. In their language, Kalsu, the Ankyreans referred to the other mortals as 'rellyw', which also translates into Aetolian as 'pet'. In fact, it was a common and spiteful insult in the Order to accuse someone of loving a 'rellyw'. The derision displayed towards their inferiors once caused such bitter feelings that it resulted in a failed invasion of the Citadel.

The Order itself is made up of five Conclaves, each responsible for its specific realm. The Conclave of Seers oversees the entire Order, and ensures the harmony of the various working parts of it. With the Ankyrean language, each member of this group was addressed as 'Dhasan'. The Conclave of Magic, on the other hand, researches the aspects of Magic that affect the world, and the method through which the Gods grant Magic to mortals. The Conclave of Devotion deals with the various devotional duties of the Ankyreans; they are responsible for the elaborate ceremonies to honor each of the Gods. The Conclave of Science and Nature handles the study of the world as it was created, and have a particular affinity towards the animal life of the continent. Finally, the Conclave of the Arts is charged with the study of the creation of things, whether it is weapons, artifacts, or mere poetry.

The head of the Order, who sits on all five Conclaves in a honorary fashion, is known as the 'Ard-Dhasani' in the Ankyrean language.

Two prominent subgroups of the Ankyrean Order are the Alizarin Order, responsible for the founding of the villages of Mrenadh and Kalebb, and the Viridian Order.