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The village of Mrenadh is situated in a pleasant depression in the foothills of the Tarean Mountains, north of the Eidar River and east of the towering Mount Kentorakro. Together with the settlement in the valley of Kalebb, it was formed as a project of the Alizarin Order, a group of Ankyreans who left the walls of Spinesreach in the belief that they could impart to the "rellyw" some of their wisdom. Mrenadh herself passed on her deep devotion to the villagers, and that priority continues to this day, along with an interest in artistic pursuits and the stars. The villagers constructed a tower of blue glass to the west of the village and dedicated it to the Goddess of Mystery. Because of the many projects the Mrenadhi take upon themselves, as well as a flood caused by the appearance of Mount Kentorakro, they often find themselves low on basic supplies and materials.