Chaos Plane

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The Chaos Plane is a Primordial Plane of madness and entropic decay, formed from the overlapping etheric shadows of the Prime Material Plane and the orbiting Elemental Planes. While not intrinsically malicious, the Chaos Plane has given rise to many destructive and powerful entities such as the Chaos Lords and the cult of Lanu Du.

The Chaos Plane, or simply Chaos, is a term for the fragmented Chaos Realms which envelop the whole of the planar spiral. Collectively, these Chaos Realms form a boundary between existence and the unrealized potentiality of the cosmos beyond - in short, distinguishing existence from nonexistence.

Though differences in physics, ontology, and culture can vary greatly between Realms of Chaos, all Realms of Chaos are composed of the same, infinitesimally small 'individuals' - living, conscious bits of matter which seek to devour, grow, and gain control over their surroundings, becoming entities in their own right.

Many Chaos entities are drawn to mortal experiences as a source of stability and power, and are willing to exchange favors to acquire them. These gifts of memory are increasingly necessary as entities grow in power, serving as bones beneath proverbial flesh.

Powerful Chaos entities become capable of naming themselves, exercising power over their surroundings. The most powerful become Chaos Lords, capable of commanding and ruling over lesser Chaos entities. The shapes these entities take may vary widely, ranging from forms inspired by humanoids and animals to those of statues, plants, buildings, and entire landscapes.

There are more Realms of Chaos than stars in the sky. Of these Realms, only a few are known to the people of Sapience:

The Astral Realm, ruled by Omei, the Imago. Corrupt Chaos*, ruled by Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption. Nazedha Chaos, ruled by Lahkencai, the Withered Lord.