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A class is the primary martial style of a character. A class is represented by three skillsets, each of which is designed to synergize with one another to provide you with a suite of useful abilities. Classes carry with them certain restrictions, namely which types of armor you can wear, and tethering.

A class is a set of skills and in-character training that a given adventurer may hold. Generally speaking, class is gained from membership in a guild or via apprenticeship. Several classes can be held at once via multiclassing. As you will read later on, you may, after a time, have a class without being in the associated guild. Examples of classes are Monk, Shaman, and Syssin. You may see what class you have, if any, by typing SCORE. Once you join a guild, you'll automatically gain the class of that guild, but you will notice in SCORE that you are only an apprentice in that class. Your apprenticeship will end when you first gain guild rank 3. Once you have finished your apprenticeship, your class is permanent. Even if you are demoted back below guild rank 3, you will stay a full member of the class. In order to leave a class and gain another, you must first leave your current one, by typing CLASS QUIT <class>. Doing this will take your guild-skills away, and give you back approximately half of the lessons you put into them. For multiclassing, more information is provided within HELP MULTICLASSING.

Classes and Guilds

Except in the case of PraenomenIcon.png[Praenomen], each class in Aetolia belongs to, and is taught by, its respective guild. In many instances, the guild and class names are the same, though there are exceptions (such as the Sentaari guild offering MonkIcon.png[Monk]).

Acquiring a Class

There are 3 main ways of acquiring a class:

  • Join a guild, and after reaching rank three your skillset becomes permanent even if you leave the guild.
  • Apprenticeship is when someone in a guild or someone who has mastered the skillset can apprentice you, which is them teaching you the skillset.
  • Learning, as some skillsets can be gotten from NPCs.

When a character joins a guild, they acquire the guild's class as well, and are considered to be an apprentice of that class. This differs from actual class apprenticeship, a method by which characters teach a non-guilded character their class. While an apprentice, leaving your guild will cause you to lose your class as well, refunding the lessons you put into that class (at a loss: newbies only retain 90% of their lessons, while players above level 20 retain 50%).

When a character reaches rank 3 in their guild, they acquire the class, making it permanent. Even if they are demoted below rank 3, they will no longer be an apprentice. Once you own the class, you are able to apprentice outsiders in its skills. Additionally, leaving the guild will not cause you to lose your class.

Mastering a Class

If you wish to acquire another class, you will first need to master the one you have. To master a class, you must either learn up to two Transcendent, or three Virtuoso skills in that class.

Armor Restrictions

Your current class will be restricted to a certain set of armor, or in certain cases, be unable to wear armor at all. Wearing weaker armor than what is available is an option, but only recommended in very special situations.

Armor Restrictions by Class
Armor Class
No Armor SciomancerIcon.png[Sciomancer], AscendrilIcon.png[Ascendril], File:BloodbornIcon.png[Bloodborn], ShapeshifterIcon.png[Atabahi], BahkatuIcon.png[Bahkatu]
Leather ZealotIcon.png[Zealot], MonkIcon.png[Monk]
Ringmail ShamanIcon.png[Shaman]
Scalemail CabalistIcon.png[Cabalist], IndoraniIcon.png[Indorani], SyssinIcon.png[Syssin], PraenomenIcon.png[Praenomen], TeradrimIcon.png[Teradrim]
Chainmail SentinelIcon.png[Sentinel]
Splintmail LuminaryIcon.png[Luminary]
Fieldplate TemplarIcon.png[Templar], CarnifexIcon.png[Carnifex]
Fullplate TemplarIcon.png[Templar], CarnifexIcon.png[Carnifex]

Class Summaries


Guild: Ascendril (Guild)
Class: Ascendril (Class)
  • The Ascendril are the guardians of the Spirit realm, the plane where positive, life-giving energy thrives. A sect of mages splintered from the old Magi, their class skills are Elemancy, Crystalism, and Enchanting.


Guild: Atabahi (Guild)
Class: Atabahi (Class)
  • Atabahi can mutate into a feral werewolf at will, conferring upon them terrific strength and agility. They carry a deep-seated hatred for the Bahkatu. They specialize in Lycanthropy, Ferality, and Howling.


Guild: Bahkatu (Guild)
Class: Bahkatu (Class)
  • The arch nemeses of the Atabahi, the Bahkatu mutate into powerful werebears, able to crush skulls and shatter bones. They use the skills of Ferality, Lycanthropy, and Roaring.


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Guild: Shamans (Guild)
Class: Shamans (Class)


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Guild: Teradrim (Guild)
Class: Teradrim (Class)
  • The Teradrim are the guardians of the earth, protectors of the sand, and masters of an awesome golem. Their class skills are Terramancy, Desiccation, and Animation.


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Class Navigator By Alignment - Note: Class alignment isn't always the same as the guild that teaches that class.
Shadow Neutral Spirit
ArchivistIcon.png[Archivist] CarnifexIcon.png[Carnifex] IndoraniIcon.png[Indorani] MonkIcon.png[Monk] ShapeshifterIcon.png[Shapeshifter] AscendrilIcon.png[Ascendril] LuminaryIcon.png[Luminary] SentinelIcon.png[Sentinel]
PraenomenIcon.png[Praenomen] SciomancerIcon.png[Sciomancer] TeradrimIcon.png[Teradrim] WayfarerIcon.png[Wayfarer] SyssinIcon.png[Syssin] ShamanIcon.png[Shaman] TemplarIcon.png[Templar] ZealotIcon.png[Zealot]
RevenantIcon.png[Revenant] WardenIcon.png[Warden]