Life Plane

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The Life Plane, also known as Dendara, is an ancient Material Plane where the spirits of the Wild reign over their worshipers; shamans, priests, and cultists all find their calling within the mist and glimpse the very heart of this primeval world. Monstrous animal spirits roam the land, while others yet dwell in the dark, shadowed lands that lie in the very heart of the primordial plane. The sky is a shattered expanse of unknown stars and strange moons, while the land itself is a rolling swathe of wilderness and deep woodlands. Endless seas with lurid waters span for leagues and the mountains seem to scrape the very heavens with their backs. One might also come across the ancient vale of Prophet's Hollow that resides within Dendara.

It is here in Dendara that the Durdalis were given the warm breath of life and that the treants were bade to watch over the forests with their daughters in silent guardianship of a sacred hollow.

The Great Oak of Duiran teems with the life of Dendara, bridging their connection to the plane and granting them a greater connection to the forest that they call home.

Only the Valley of the Ancients may be tread upon by mortalkind and it is closely guarded by the Praadi an-Kiar and the warriors of Duiran.