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Born in the primordial expanse of Dendara, the Durdalis are ancient sentinels of stone and earth. It is uncertain who first breathed the spark of life into the Durdalis, but the most ancient speak in the sonorous voice of the earth and remember the first day as it dawned upon the whole of Dendara. They have no need for names and rarely do they speak the mortal tongue. It is oft said that during the deep of night, the hum of tales of ancient battles long past can be heard resonating from the ancient guards in unspoken song.

The Durdalis of Dendara rose forth from the earth to watch over the plane in silent vigil, safeguarding the ancient spirits within and the shaman who paid them homage. Unlike the treants, dryads, and naiads that tend to the plane, the Durdalis are battle-hardened warriors. The Durdalis carve themselves with runes of great power, channeling the very essence of Dendara itself into their stony limbs to pummel and crush enemies of nature with all their fury. Some of the Durdalis may will growth from the earth and spread the embrace of nature with their very touch, blanketing their surroundings in a surge of overgrowth.

When Dendara was healed of its corruption in 365MA, it was the ancient Durdalis who first pledged themselves to the new order of Shamans that knelt before them. Govon, a protector of the Ancient Heartwood and youngest of the Durdalis, stepped forth to act as an emissary of its people.