Dungeon of the Beastlords

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The Dungeon of the Beastlords
EnvironmentNatural Underground
This is a bashing area
DenizensCerberus, Cultist, Ophidian, Stirge
This area contains aggressive mobs.

The Great Rock, standing east of the road which runs southward through the Savannah from the North of Trees, is a geographical anomaly - numerous explanations exist to explain the single, unbroken monolith of stone that predominates over the nearby savanna, the most popular of which is that the Lord Ivoln raised it in ancient times as a demonstration of power to His then-amour, the Underking.

Within, the Rock is honeycombed with numerous passages, which were created and first inhabited by the race of the Ophidians, a snakelike, proud race who predominated over the savanna and Liruma for much of the Second Epoch. After a time of dominance over the nearby area, their lands were conquered by the Indorani Empire, and beneath the yoke of oppression and forced servitude, the race dwindled to near-extinction.

Indorani practice, melded with the traditions of the Ophidians and other races which then came to reside within the Rock, produced the Beastlords, a cult of animists and animal worshipers whose influence barely stretches beyond the boundaries of the Rock. The upper reaches of the Rock house stirges, batlike, bloodthirsty, egg-laying creatures indigenous only to that particular region.

Notable denizens

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