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The Kelki people
Kelki ascendril.
PopulationApprox. 500
DistributionEastern Sapience, Mournhold, Beryl Sea.
StrengthsClever, dexterous swimmers.
WeaknessesEndangered as a race, not the toughest.
Sleek, smooth-skinned humanoid children of Slyphe.

The aquatic Kelki are a graceful race, created jointly by the Goddesses Slyphe and Lleis in a meld of land and sea. The race has an affinity for water, especially the oceans, with their racial home in the ruined city of Kelsys - destroyed in recent years by the monstrous Kerrithrim from the deeps - but they do just as well on land, with the race built for adaptability. Quick and often very intelligent, Kelki make natural tinkerers, usually driven by an innate desire to figure out how things work, and can often be found pulling things apart just to see how they fit together. Physically, Kelki tend to be graceful and willowy, with greenish or blue skin and aquatic traits, such as webbed fingers, tentacles for hair or fishlike features.

Kelki are sleek, smooth-skinned humanoids with webbed fingers and toes. They are often found pulling machines apart and putting them back together with their nimble and dextrous fingers. Slyphe created the Kelki by tinkering with various fish and sea mammals, looking for just the right combination of intelligence and flexibility.

Racial skills

Upon reaching certain levels, this race gains the following skills.

Level Name Description
1 Swimming
  • Kelki have a natural affinity for the water, and innately can swim with ease.
25 Underwater Breathing
  • Kelki are able to swim in the deepest water without needing special defences to help them breathe.
50 Water Regeneration
  • While in watery environments, Kelki passively regenerate health and mana.
75 Fast Swimmer
  • Kelki naturally swim twice as fast through watery rooms.
100 Water's Gift
  • Once per Howling, you can BOOST MANA to gain an additionial 8% of your max mana to your passive mana regeneration rate for 2 minutes.