Prophecy of the Children

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During the Fourth Age, the Naldareth revealed themselves to Kelsys, desperately requesting succor against the looming threat of the Three Children, entities of vast power anticipated by their arts of divination.

The First Child

The First Child shall be the Child of Noon yet he shall dwell in Darkness, his seven sides shall reach through Order into Chaos and call forth the Apex to satiate their lust. Great shall be the might of the Guardians who had foreseen the First Child's coming and they shall cast their hand against that of the First Child and the realm shall tremble under the struggle as the Wills of the Child and the Guardians collide. Terrifying shall be the wrath of the Apex and he shall expunge the Order from the Deep, Guardian and Sea Dweller alike shall perish and the Guardians shall leave their home and Conceal it from the Realm until the Dark of Midnight.

When the armies of the Indorani clashed with Kelsys, thirteen of the strongest summoners hurled a great summoning against the Silver Spire. The Indorani and their nameless summoning were known to have been the First Child of the prophecy, and were soundly defeated at the cost of the Silver Spire and many lives. As a result of this, the Naldareth left their Spire to take up residence in Shallam, cloaking Kelsys in an enchanted veil to protect it from the Second Child.

The Second Child

The Second Child shall be the Child of Dusk, and she shall sire many children. Asleep she has been since the sun touched the horizon, and the Guardians shall not foresee her coming. The Ouroboros shall be breached by the Second Child and through it, her progeny shall roam across the darkness of the Realm. Truth shall be the means by which the mother shall be forced from crossing and the Ouroboros be mended; and the following silence shall be deafening.

The Second Child is very likely to be Ohlsana, the Shadow Mother, and Her progeny the Shadowbound.

The Third Child

The Third Child shall be the Child of Midnight and he shall come after the Awakening. Much shall depend on the Guardians' Vigilance; after the Awakening they must work with the Legacy of the Past to avert the Fate of the Future, as the Sight that was Gift to the Guardians shall be lost at the Dawn of Midnight. Unlike the First and the Second Child, the Third Child shall not announce itself and attempt its goals through subterfuge, and far shall he have come ere it will be unveiled.

The Third Child is currently unknown. Odravh, the Abyssal, was described as the 'third and youngest child of the Eschaton' of the Helm, but does not fully meet the bounds of the prophecy.