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The Village of Rahveir
This is a newbie area
Only characters at or below level 30 may enter these areas.

Located in the Shamtota Hills, on the verge of the Pash Valley and the Pachacacha river, the Rahveir village was formed by Maroin Brightblade as part of her dream to be the guardian of a village. Drawn by the possibility of protection from a Paladin, the population quickly grew in size.

Peace ruled until an innocent child, digging at the banks of the river, unearthed a strange jar. The child's curiosity prevailed and he opened the jar, releasing Gyllia, a corrupted ghost, onto the village. Since then, most of the villagers have either fled or turned to corruption themselves, the once bright village infested with a variety of dark spirits and people.

Only Maroin and her partner, Teriam, remain unaffected by the corruption, waiting for the best time to strike back, seeking aide from those adventurers who are weak enough to bypass the warding placed over the village by Gyllia.

Notable denizens