Shapechanger Madness

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Shapechanger Madness
Impacted partiesThe Atabahi, the Bahkatu, all shapeshifters across Sapience, Spinesreach, Duiran, Enorian
Began417 MA
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The Madness was an occurrence following the revival of the Abyssal and His subsequent leyline repairs conducted on Albedos, during which shapeshifters across Sapience discovered violent and unreasoning insanity infecting their ranks. This berserker rage led to the dissolution of the Atabahi and the Bahkatu at the advice of the Packmoot, a group of shapeshifter representatives familiar with dealing with madness, and the revival of close-knit packs and families among the shifters. Additionally, the Madness directly caused the brutal deaths of Barrkesh of the Sleuth, Silvertooth of the Rout, and Tecpatl of Three Rock, among dozens of shapeshifter guards stationed throughout the cities of Sapience.