Siroccian Mountains

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The black Siroccian Mountains are a volcanic, albeit mainly dormant, range of tall, jagged peaks, lying in the east-central part of the continent. To the north is the Western Ithmia, while to the southwest, the Shamtota Hills gently fall away, eventually giving way to the Mhojave Desert. The Prelatorian Highway passes near to them on the northern side, while it is rumoured that the Raphaelan Highway has a secret path leading into them.

In recent times, the Mhun, having recently emigrated from the Mhojave desert, have come to rule over the Siroccian range, with the Grecht of Arget Massai beneath their influence. Though Orcs once lived within the mountains, they have been violently driven out by the Mhun, moving to reside within Duiran and Enorian.

The Siroccians are also famous for the purity of its ores, and many blacksmiths around the land would reward you for the ores found there.