Three Rock Outpost

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Hunting Ground Statistics
Level Range 60-80
Quests Yes
Aggro No
Mob Types Bandits, wildcats, horses, buffalo, bears
Special Notes Every mob in this area is worth gold, if brought to the right person.

Hidden in the Dry Plains south of Spinesreach, there lies a settlement of shifty bandits and their Troll comrades. Their existence depends on the wild horses and buffalo that roam the plains there, as well as what they might pillage off of the passing explorers. These ruffians, however, are not hostile towards most visitors, and are more than happy to ask them for help. But one should keep one hand always on his coin purse whilst in their company. This area is also home to a fearsome albino bear called White Ghost, who is known throughout the area for his ruthlessness.

The bandits' particular dislike of Spinesreach should be noted.

Terrain typesNeeds terrain
Approx. sizeNeeds roomcount rooms
WeatherNeeds weather
Needs desc