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                    Padishah: Erzsebet
                    The Chosen of the Primus: Erzsebet
                        Mahdi: Niuri, the Ultratist
                         City: Bloodloch

Founded in the year 183 MA, House Ve'kahi is guided by the conviction that, through unity and freedom, members will be enabled to both individually and collectively pursue Power. The members of House Ve'kahi are given great personal freedom in return for devotion to the House and to consistent, eternal self-improvement. They share a passion for their endeavors and for their House.

House Ve'kahi was created during the reign of the original Imperium, as a response to the stagnant, self-indulgent false nobility that was seen in many Consanguine. The House members reject this sense of entitlement, recognizing that true nobility can be achieved only through demonstrated achievement - it must be earned and then maintained. Every Ve'kahian is expected to use his freedom to sharpen his mind and his skills, to learn of the past and create a worthy future for himself and for the House.

Because Ve'kahi is a House that prizes freedom so highly, it accepts members from almost all paths of existence. Though it focuses primarily upon the Consanguine, there are mortals in the House both living and undead. Anyone who can and will work toward the House's purposes is welcome and given equal opportunity to earn even the highest ranks. Ve'kahi is a meritocracy: House members are judged by their deeds, not by their Blood or lack thereof.

There are no limits to the potential of the Consanguine, except those she imposes upon herself. House Ve'kahi vows never to allow itself to be confined by its own laziness; here, if anywhere, will be found the savage Power of the Consanguine in its full glory.