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                        [HOUSE LEADERS]
                  The Khalifa: Sarita
                       Matron: Niuri, the Ultraist
                         City: Bloodloch

Proudly bearing the distinction as the eldest Consanguine House, the venerable nobility of Bahir'an strive in all ways to exemplify the prestige and potency of the Blood.

Bahir'an traces their history back not through mere bloodline, but on a superior philosophy that dates back far beyond known history. It is the desire for immortality and power, and the drive to pursue each relentlessly, that separates the worthy from the unwashed masses.

Regarding themselves as the Aristocracy of the Consanguine, the kin of Bahir'an foster the virtues of superior intellect, impeccable etiquette, and fierce, unwavering loyalty. Idealizing the broadly educated individual, the membership of Bahir'an engages in varied pursuits, finding strength and diversion in their diverse skills and knowledge.

Mindful of their both regal and impious origins, the Consanguine of Bahir'an unabashedly savor a decadent, hedonistic lifestyle, balanced by their fierce dedication to the House and the desire for self improvement. The nobles of Bahir'an revel in the immortality they have earned, celebrating the Blood with both indulgence and achievements. The Blood grants immortality, but nobility does not come from blood or traditions alone, but from the duties to the kindred and the laity. The Blood should grants prestige and privileges, but they must be earned.

The Gift shall only be passed along to those willing to struggle for it. Those who have nothing to offer the House proper would do well to look elsewhere.