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The Haridas manifold, named for a noted Albedi natural philosopher, is a metaphysical superstructure or thought construct used to describe the fundamental inter-connectedness of all things. Many schools of thought consider it a realm or plane of sorts, but in truth the manifold defies dimensions or the concept of space; it is known to exist, as almost all disciplines of magic make use of it, but according it physical dimensions or describing it as an inhabitable space defies all attempts.

Through manipulating things within physical space or the solving of equations within a sentient mind, corresponding echoes or ripples spread through the Haridas manifold, interacting with reality in a manner that can be predicted, codified and deliberately employed: at the most basic level, this is the fundamental mechanism of magic.


The contemporary Haridas narrative school of thought asserts that the manifold encapsulates and binds all things that exist, have existed or will exist; it is the medium in which Creation hangs. Time, space and energy are all equal properties within the manifold, which can (arguably) be thought of as an infinitely dense single point containing everything that could ever exist. There are, understandably, numerous arguments over specific properties of the metastructure.

Use by region

On Albedos, the manifold is also known as the godchain, Helm space, the scaffold of Divinity or That Which Defines depending on region, religion and species. Many historical groups were said to make use of the manifold, but with the failure of the Albedi ley and the subsequent depowering of most, if not all, magical disciplines, very few practitioners remain. With the awakening of Odravh and subsequent leyline upsets, power is gradually returning to the Albedi people and public

On Sapience, many magical disciplines are postulated to make use of the manifold, but as the concept does not explicitly exist within Sapient natural philosophy it is difficult to know for sure. Many elemental disciplines, such as Sciomancy, Enchantment or the ambient channeling practiced by the Kelki of Mournhold, overtly make use of the dimensionless properties of the manifold. It is also potentially possible that Numerology practiced by the Cabal makes use of the manifold as described by the Numbers.