Indorani (Guild)

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The Indorani
Caliginous PhantomVyxsis Qizzeke
Divine PatronChakrasul, the Dark Mother
The Council of ThirteenTina, Evilo, and Leana
Priests of Chaos, Decay, Despair, and Death


Indoron- the mere word strikes terror, disgust, and dark curiosity in the hearts of mortals. Yet, there are those who fear not the caress of Despair and accept its stygian embrace willingly. They are the Indorani, speakers of Despair, conjurers of corruption, and disdained by all that is not with them. All things die, break down, and decay. Nothing escapes the caress of Despair. This is fact of reality as most come to understand. There are those, however, who know otherwise. These entities are aware that if you serve Despair then it serves you as well. These dark souls are known as necromancers. The practitioners of the black art have an inkling of the truth but even they fall short of it. The true inheritors of Despair are the Ancient Indorani.

The Indorani are possessed of the very essence of Despair. They are its agents, servants, worshippers, and lovers. They seek to embrace despair and to exist in its favor, indefinitely, until oblivion swallows all. Some have a choice in this process, while others come about it...unwillingly. With the essence of Necromancy, the Indorani bend the will of life and death to their whim. Using the knowledge of the ancients, they wield the major arcana of Tarot to shape the prime material world to their wills. And using the most dangerous powers within Aetolia, the Indorani call upon Domination to sign pacts with the dreaded denizens of the plane of Chaos.


The Indorani, founded early in the First Epoch by the dark sorcerer Yetrent, are one of Sapience's oldest guilds. Claiming the city of Bloodloch as their capital, they formed the elite of a Dark Empire, built upon the bones of the Dwarven kingdom which preceded them. Having driven the Dwarves of old into eastward exile, the Indorani unleashed a reign of terror upon the continent in which chaos and despair reigned supreme, to the end of consolidating their unquestioned power. Though the Dark Empire fell after a few centuries, those who defeated it were consumed by the same aspects which had embodied the Indorani regime - the forces of Light squabble and bicker to this day, and the Ankyreans in their ever-growing hubris were destroyed by the Dark Mother, Chakrasul at the end of the Second Epoch.

The foes of the Indorani have weakened, while the Indorani have only grown stronger, achieving a full and thorough renaissance from scattered groups of occultists in the Third Mortal Epoch. As before, the Indorani seek to bring about an end to all things except a sheer and utter dominion - a revival of the Dark Empire of old. To this end, the Indorani manipulate the essence of life and death with the fearsome talent of Necromancy. Fate itself trembles beneath their fingers as they frame chance and power within Tarot cards, bending both luck and reality to suit their whims. Finally, the guild retains a long-standing compact, forged in the days of old, with the denizens of the Chaos Plane and their Emperor, Jy'Barrak Golgotha - through Domination, they call upon foul entities, securing their service with promises of gold, essence, and power. Housed in the city of Bloodloch within a dread Tower, the Indorani use Chaos and Despair to forge the world of their ideal; a world in which only Darkness remains to the people of Sapience.


The Black Tower. Located on the southeast side of Bloodloch's center, it is guarded by an immortal demon named Imal.