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Martial artists who draw power from their natural spiritual energy.

Class Overview

Monks combine Tekura, Kaido, and Telepathy to form a cohesive martial system, focusing on the output and manipulation of limb damage, often with the ultimate goal of finishing their foe via the SkillIcon.png[Backbreaker].

Tekura provides attacks suitable for targeting each limb, special types of "guards", and stances that manipulate the raw limb damage, guard proc chance, and more. Notably, it also provides them with their throwing attacks, of which Backbreaker (BBT) forms their common instakill.

Kaido is powered by the resource kai, an inner spiritual force. This skillset provides most of the Monk's defenses, including SkillIcon.png[Numbness] and SkillIcon.png[Transmute], providing them with considerable tankiness at the cost of slowing their offense slightly or using mana. Some of the most important skills in Kaido allow a Monk to break all four of a victim's limbs at once, or even set up a dangerous field of energy that will immediately kill anyone who strikes them.

Telepathy is both a ranged and melee utility skillset. It allows Monks to cripple opponents with multiple afflictions at once (via SkillIcon.png[Batter] or SkillIcon.png[Terror]), strip defenses, move them to the Monk's location, and more. Telepathy also features SkillIcon.png[Blank], a passive debuff that provides a high chance to conceal which limb the Monk attacks.

Preferred Stats

  • Strength - Strength increases the damage of Tekura attacks, with some abilities receiving dramatic damage boosts at high levels of Strength.
  • Balance Recovery - Monks must strike as quickly as possible to pressure opponents to continually cure their limbs.


Preferred statpacks for Monks are:


  • Muscular - Muscular will provide high damage and decent survivability at the cost of speed. With a low mana pool, extended use of Telepathy can be dangerous.
  • Resilient - Resilient's high CON and damage resistances make it extremely good for bashing. Damage output is low, but this is made up for by increasing critical rate at higher levels.
  • Agile - The absolute fastest statpack before endgame, Agile will allow you to break limbs as quickly as possible, and recover quickly for SkillIcon.png[Backbreaker]. Its incredibly low health may make it unsuitable against skilled opponents.
  • Lithe - Lithe sacrifices a little of Agile's speed, but with an extra point of STR and two points of CON, it may prove more balanced.


  • Herculean - With a very high STR of 16, Herculean is all about outputting as much damage as possible. At endgame, however, you may find yourself unable to pressure very tanky opponents.
  • Powerful - Powerful provides incredible tankiness, and not at much cost, as it only lacks 2 points of STR compared to Powerful. This is suitable for Monks who want to outlast their opponents or survive in teamfights, but has the same speed problems as Muscular.
  • Dexterous - With a level 2 balance recovery, Dexterous is considered the go-to statpack for PvP. With the lowest endgame CON and no resistances, however, it is very squishy, requiring the Monk to make effective use of Kaido's damage mitigation abilities.

Recommended Armaments

This list is meant to include things that might not appear painfully obvious. Things like vials, pipes and herbs would fall under that heading.

  1. Leather armour - Leather is the only armour available for this profession.
  2. An umbral medallion - Negates the effects of the stars on the person wearing it. These effects are often beneficial in some way, so it's recommended that you remove it each month, to see if you actually want to be under their effects.
  3. A necklace of purity - Has a chance to randomly remove one affliction from the person wearing it.
  4. Resistance rings - Increases the resistance of the person wearing it to their specific element by 10%.
  5. Allsight earring(s) - To see while blind and hear while deaf, two common afflictions often encountered while hunting.

Recommended Tattoos

Tattoos in Aetolia have various effects. Any novice can wear up to six at any one time. The following is a list of tattoos recommended for the Monk class:

  1. Boar
  2. Moss
  3. Mountain
  4. Shield
  5. Cloak
  6. Tree

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