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Zealous warriors of Light

Class Overview

The Zealot profession (class) is one of strong defense and potentially powerful offense. From Tekura they gain their main offensive abilities, focusing on limb damage with the ultimate goal of rendering their target prone or otherwise incapacitated so that they can use the backbreaker throw or axe kick to kill them.

Telepathy supplements, allowing them to give various afflictions and hinder, hobble or otherwise damage their foe - either from a distance, which is anywhere in the same area - or in the same room. Some abilities require a SkillIcon.png[Mind Lock] to do.

Finally, from Illumination they gain some of their most unique and powerful abilities, including SkillIcon.png[Discharge] and SkillIcon.png[Lightform]. Many of the abilities in this skillset are defensive in nature, and a person who has transcended Illumination can be quite difficult to defeat.

Preferred Stats

  • Strength - Strength increases tekuran attack damage. Higher strength, more damage.
  • Constitution - Zealots use leather armor (see below) and thus, having more hitpoints can be the difference between victory and defeat.


There are three viable options for a Zealot statpack:

  • Athletic - Decent 'middle of the road' statpack. Muscular hits harder, resilient is more hardy.
  • Muscular - For best damage, and innate resistance to cutting/blunt.
  • Resilient - Best survival. Most recommended for those who are trying to reach endgame.

Recommended Armaments

This list is meant to include things that might not appear painfully obvious. Things like vials, pipes and herbs would fall under that heading.

  1. Leather armour - leather is the best armour available for this profession.
  2. An umbral medallion - negates the effects of the stars on the person wearing it. These effects are often beneficial in some way, so it's recommended that you remove it each month, to see if you actually want to be under their effects.
  3. A necklace of purity - has a chance to randomly remove one affliction from the person wearing it.
  4. Resistance rings - increases the resistance of the person wearing it to their specific element by 10%.
  5. Allsight earring(s) - to see while blind and hear while deaf, two common afflictions often encountered while hunting.

Recommended Tattoos

Tattoos in Aetolia have various effects. Any novice can wear up to six at any one time. The following is a list of tattoos recommended for the Zealot profession:

  1. Boar
  2. Moss
  3. Mountain
  4. Shield
  5. Cloak
  6. Tree

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