Beryl Reef

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The Beryl Reef
Terrain typesReef, Saltwater
Approx. size55 rooms
WeatherWarm, tropical climate
The sparkling, pristine seafront of Enorian.

The Beryl Reef is a preserved ecosystem under the protection of Enorian, and makes up the city's entire southern coast. It is accessible from Enorian's southern reaches, where the beach meets the waterfront.

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Noteworthy Features

  • Two crashed Nazetu pirate ships have occupied the Reef for several decades, and are a frequently-visited hunting ground for players allied to the city of Enorian. On Variach 1st, 369 MA, Captain Quarrion, of the ship the Broken Virgin, arrived with his crew ashore to throw themselves at the mercy of the Enorian guard. A retinue of starving Nazetu pirates remains behind, however.