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This is a newbie area
Only characters at or below level 30 may enter these areas.

Once a peaceful community on the edge of the vast Ithmia Forest, Evlasu is a shattered remnant of its former glory. The people of Evlasu, with minds warped and will broken, turned to a great darkness that filled their minds. Nightmarish visions became reality and their twisted dreams haunted their waking hours with a whispered song that could not be denied. Offering themselves and their children up in sacrifice, the people of Evlasu are lost. Now, only a few remain to usher forth the maddening tide. Outposts of the Shaman and Sentinel guilds hide within the cursed forest, hoping to purify the land and restore the forest. Evlasu must not fall.

Notable denizens

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Newbie Areas
The Crags The Community of Evlasu The Valley of Kaleb
The Beaches of Liris The Valley of Lodi The Village of Rahveir
The Kingdom of New Sehal The Tarea Caverns The Yohanan Village
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