Tecpatl's Cradle

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Once nestled deep in the heart of the Morgun Forest, Tecpatl's Cradle was once the Monolith, the sacred temple of Omei, the Imago; the temple itself was said to serve as the gateway to the Garden of Dreams.

In 419 MA, the Garden crashed, through unknown means, into the Prime Material Plane, enveloping and warping the countryside about it. Tecpatl's Cradle is the name given to the resulting region, a gravity-defying garden and massive ruin that boggles the senses. Stranger still, many denizens of Aetolia believe it has been there for hundreds of years...

In 461 MA, the Cradle was set ablaze from within by Lady Sythro, one of the Cradle's more well-known residents. This ultimately lead to a merging with the Prime Material Plane it was so precariously anchored to that created what's now known as Seer's Wood.

To this day it is unknown as to what happened to those that lived within the Cradle or its immediate surroundings.

The dream realm spans a great distance, divided into many regions. Of these, the greatest is Tecpatl's Cradle. If the Cradle is the seat of the Queendom, then the Great Street of Ka-la-kai could be said to be its capital.

In ages past, the Street was a cultural epicenter, a merchant's haven for denizens trapped within the dreamworld, and a holy road on which the Cradle's citizens would hone their minds and bodies. When the first masters of Ka-la-kai perfected the method of oneiric creation, the economy shifted to the exclusive sale and trade of diamonds, the only substance they could not generate. Ka-la-kai has been lost to time and space.