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Navigation pane

All of the headings for the navigation pane (search, general categories, organizations, etc.) are not capitalized properly. I'm pretty sure that only the admin can edit that sort of thing! --Erion (talk · contr)

Fixing! AND OMG SIGN YOUR POSTS Lin Iro al-Akir. Free icon bff2 by FreeMapleIcons.gif
I have been signing my posts? -> Erion


Can you delete the Templar page, I can't! Redirect Templar to Templars or Templars (Guild)? -Erion

Already done. For reference, any instance where a guild and class share the same name, I've been creating a disambiguation page for them, since I want individual pages for the classes later on. Lin Iro al-Akir. Free icon bff2 by FreeMapleIcons.gif

Numerology - Tweak

In the AB for tweak, there is a nifty table, but I'm not so hot with good looking tables (my palms get sweaty and I chatter incessantly), and the template makes it more complicated. Could you possibly take a look at it? -Erion

Aye, laddie. We'll take a gander. Lin Iro al-Akir. Free icon bff2 by FreeMapleIcons.gif
This is at the end of the AB . Oh, and while I'm here, how can you escape brackets from the template? Sorry if I'm being clueless! -Erion

Escaping brackets

I'm having a lot of trouble making brackets show up in the Ab template, which is kinda needed for a lot of AB syntaxes. I thought that making it a template/special character, like thisun | would work. I've got one of em up and tried it, like so: [. This does make it print in the syntax, but in black, so you can't see it. Howtofix? -Erion

Hnngh Dask can't read

Yea, I was trying to get the content up, then go back and put the hotlinks in. Just trying to get content ON here first. --Daskalos (talk · contr)

Oh look, the first myrrh and absinthe enema victim. Lin Iro al-Akir. Free icon bff2 by FreeMapleIcons.gif


Could you please revert this back to your former edit? I was trying to change the little box on the Sentinels(Guild) page, not the template guide. ><

I'm sorry!

--Angwe (talk · contr)

FIXED, BUT I'M CREATING A BADGE OF SHAME FOR YOU TO WEAR. Lin Iro al-Akir. Free icon bff2 by FreeMapleIcons.gif


Oh boy that took me a while to figure out but yes I want the user to click it and be moved to the appropriate emote section. I don't mind the work! It'll be something to do during down time. --Haven (talk · contr)

Premotes Page

Would you mind checking out the table I started working on in the Premotes page? I'm wondering if I did something wrong or if I've simply come across a limit to how much information/boxes can be made with tables. For some reason it's stopping at bored (item #99) whereas I've written to defy. Thanks in advance! -Haven


Shouldn't the ClassNavigator that in the colored table have Neutral added in as well since Lycan, Syssin, and Monk do not completely align with Shadow and Spirit. Just to give it more complete information. If you want that changed let me know and I can work on it if you like. -- Macavity