Templars (Guild)

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The Templars
Divine PatronDamariel mot Lanosaryon, the Unbound
SeneschalsIsande, Lucus, and Rasani

In the year 343 of the Midnight Age, three strange beings arrived in Enorian, emerging from a gateway of white rippling light. The trio of wayward travelers stumbled to Sapience on accident via their Orb of the Dawn, asserting themselves as long-lost warriors of the Angelic Triad, cut off from their masters but still in service throughout the centuries. After acquainting themselves with the locals, they were escorted to the Paladin towers in the northwest corner of the Beacon, where they continued conversing with the assembled knights and their Grand Champion.

The Duamvi, upon learning more of the holy knights, their ways and apparent similar alignment to the travelers, offered to impart the knowledge of their own skills to the guild. Thus, with the aid of these extraplanar beings, the Templar guild was born, eventually becoming well-versed in the skills of Bladefire, Battlefury and Righteousness.

Battlefury expands upon the practical uses of weapons, acting similarly to the Chivalry of yore, showing the Templar as true masters of their steel. Drawing upon their devotion, the knight may also make use of Righteousness, employing a variety of auras that range in purpose, bringing great justice to their enemies as easily as bolstering their comrades in battle. Bladefire is their tertiary skill, allowing the Templar knight to empower his or her weapons with holy energy to produce a variety of effects, wreaking devastation upon those who stand against them.

With these skills combined the guild seeks to bring about a new Age of Dawn, repelling the forces of shadow, artifice and Undeath with their mighty weapons imbued with holy retribution.

Templar Skills

  • Bladefire - Bladefire combines holy wrath and weapon mastery alike to bring swift justice to those who stand against the forces of Light. With it, a Templar can imbue his or her weapon with a variety of different empowerments that augment their damage with the elements, inflicting bursts of damage or sapping the foe's defenses and physical reserves. Calling upon these abilities, the Knight may exact final retribution upon those who fight for shadow, Undeath and artifice.
  • Battlefury - Utilizing their skill in Battlefury, the Templar Knights rise above the rest in their capability and prowess with their blessed weapons. This affords unparalleled mastery of steel, allowing them to wield almost any weapon to great and differing effect, whether it be inflicting bruising and crushing bones or wielding blades and letting the rivers run red with the blood of the unrepentant. Two methods of swift death are possible to only the most skilled of the Templar, either cleaving the enemy from head to groin or cutting open the gut and spilling steaming entrails to the ground.
  • Righteousness - Drawing upon his or her devotion, a Templar wields the skill of Righteousness to provide an assortment of benefits for the individual or the team. While it maintains some similar functionalities to that of the Devotion skill attributed to the Paladins from whence the Templars came, it also brings the unique feature of auras that the holy knight may exude, giving both defensive and offensive advantage depending, as well as abilities to aid and protect their allies in combat and even to bring redemption and life anew to those of their comrades who have fallen in battle.

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The predecessor of the Templars Guild, the Paladins utilized the skill of Chivalry to hone their prowess with a blade and further the bond between their falcon companion. They used Devotion, the holy powers imbued to them by the Gods, to become a formidable protector of the faithful. Their combative training gave them the patience and resolve to create most, if not any manner of weaponry and armor, through Forging.