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Standing perhaps five feet in height, this Kelki woman is slight and unimposing, with pale blue skin and a finned, hairless skull. Her eyes are large and creased with faint, incessant anxiety, and her teeth are sharp and multitudinous; the overall impression she gives is that of a rather worried bipedal piranha. Her rich azure robes are long and hemmed with faceted crystal, worn over a tough woolen tunic, and a pair of sandals cover her small feet. A wide-brimmed wizard's hat is perched rakishly atop her skull, and a gnarled oaken walking staff is clutched in one webbed hand. An intricate tattoo curls around the base of her throat, half-obscured by her robes; it seems to be a thick band of interlocking black lines, without apparent meaning.

Katia was a young Ascendril woman, blood relative to the leader of the Pact, Hasaan, and once of the least skilled magi to ever avoid blowing off their own limbs. Her inept experimentation with Delve-produced machinery directly led to the events of the Ctenophore Crisis as well as her untimely death at the hands of an agent of the Stormlord.