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A leyline is a single thread in the tapestry of the ley, a complex web of lines of power deep beneath the earth of Sapience and indeed all of Aetolia. This network is formed from the interactions of the planes; major leylines are formed by the intersection of large, stable bodies, while the smaller, shifting leylines are formed from the interactions of more unstable planes. When these lines of power become saturated with ylem, they release their excess in bursts of power called foci which are then able to be harvested by those with the requisite training.

In the pre-mortal epochs

The Ankyreans and the Dreikathi are both known to have made use of the leylines, albeit in very different ways. The Mystics of Old Ashtan likewise drew upon their power, but called them seams instead.

In the modern epoch

The four cities of Sapience, the Nazedha Empire and the people of Albedos all make extensive use of ylem power, but the overall understanding of the leylines is much diminished when compared with the two precursor cultures.