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Here is a list of general places to hunt, a brief description of where they can be found, what to hunt there, and around which level you should be at when you hunt them. Depending on your class, you may end up hunting in some areas earlier than is suggested here.

1-20 22-30
Area Mobs
Kalebb All
Lodi All
Sehal All
Evlasu All
Crags All
Liris All
Rahveir All
Yohanan All
Tarean Caverns All
Bloodloch Beetles
Enorian Snakes
Duiran Gophers
Spinesreach Pinchers
Area Mobs
The Great Rock Very easy, very popular hunting ground. Will be cleared often.

Ophidians frequently afflict with the loki venom when they attack.

Cloaked figures, or cultists, will cause heavy bleeding damage.

Both Bearnath and The Beastlord will frequently knock you prone.

Upper Azdun Another easy and quite popular hunting ground.

Goblin miners will knock you prone, whereas the goblin foremen have a room-wide attack and damaging stun.

Mhojave Desert All
Liruma Scrubland All except phoenixes.
Aureliana Forest All
Ashtan Bog Bog-hounds
30-40 40-50
Area Mobs
Lower Azdun All except Zsarachnor.

Goblin zombies will fear you. Regular zombies can also paralyze.

The goblin soldiers and goblin sergeants will team up on you, becoming hostile if they see you attack another soldier in the same room. Even when hostile, they will still wander out of the room on occasion, though they are still considered aggressive. If you need a breather, you can duck into the southmost room (the staircase beneath the Mhun worker), where the goblins will not attack.

Dolbodi Campsite All.
Riparium All.
Hashan All.

Hashan is a law-protected area under Spinesreach's jurisdiction. Hunt here at your own risk.

Raim Vale All.

Diseased men will use webbings on you, and diseased women will knock you prone.

Mutilated creatures are capable of stunning and knocking you prone frequently.

Dogs afflict with lethargy.

Moghedu All.

Mhun bodyguards should be avoided until much higher levels. They are disproportionately powerful to the rest of the area, and deal massive physical and bleeding damage.

Mhun miners and master mhun miners will knock you prone. Master mhun miners will also regularly stun you.

Mhun warriors can afflict you with the loki venom.

The Mhun Captain of the Guard is extremely powerful and will frequently afflict you with stupidity.

Note: Moghedu will enemy anyone hunting in its premises.

Area Mobs
Pirate Ships All.

Note: The only way to get to the pirate ships is to pass through the city of Enorian.

Maghuir Fissure All.

Most mobs in here will set you on fire.

Note: The Sewers ability in Survival is needed to enter here.

Scidve All.

The cultist temple has a secret basement with more cultists in it.

60+ 70+
Area Mobs
Rebel's Ridge All.

Some of the denizens here will attack you on sight, but none of them afflict, prone, or stun.

Vilimo Fields All.

Very popular area due to the relative ease of the denizens.

Nysaac doesn't deal much damage, but can blind, web, stun, knock you prone, or break a limb and disarm you He is a crafty opponent.

Kamakshi is the most powerful inhabitant of the fields, and can knock you prone.

Dun Fortress All.
Torturer's Caverns All except Tellimerus.

The denizens of the caverns are undead, so this is a popular hunting ground for Light/Life-aligned classes.

Ghouls are aggressive and can wither arms.

Golems will stun you.

Vampire overseers afflict with confusion.

Terramancers will bind you in webs.

Argaius breaks limbs, Mellius disfigures, Rozhirr mindlocks, Kerr'ach withers limbs, and Tuera afflicts with both slickness and recklessness.

Kornar All
Court of Consortium All except shadows.
Caverns of Mor Mor is a popular hunting ground, and will be cleared quite often.

Some of the ghouls are aggressive.

Area Mobs
Three Rock Outpost All.

Troll bandits are the hardest-hitting inhabitants and will knock you prone.

Wild horses can knock you prone and afflict with dizziness.

Wildcats can make you black out.

Kalydian Forest All.

The gloch is a very challenging fight, and takes place underwater.

Elks can knock you prone.

Rabbits afflict with epilepsy.

Nemlings stun.

Lich Gardens All. Cabalists periodically use Aeon. Most mobs are undead so many Light/Life-aligned guilds bash here. Not a very difficult area, though mob attack speed can be a little fast.
Mamashi Tunnels All. Githani are slightly more difficult than Mit'olk. Mitolk axemen can blackout, illusionists web. Tackle illusionists with caution early on.
Asper All except Xylverie. Cryohydra is aggro and chases, and can also freeze. If you aggro the cryohydra either kill it or get off the island (ie. It won't stop chasing until you die/leave the island or it dies). Asper can be accessed from a ferry in the tundra.
Polyargos All except Yudhishthira. If you aggro Yudhi, run very fast and get off the island unless you're VERY confident that you can solo him.
Western Iztatl Rainforest All. Rojalli in the underground tunnels are aggro. Don't attempt to fight more than one at once unless you're certain you can handle the damage.
Eastern Iztatl Rainforest (Day) All
Western Tundra All including orgyuks.
Ice Caverns Upper Level All except mother icewyrm and elemental ice guards. Elemental ice guards are aggro and can break limbs. A quest must be completed in order to gain access to this area at all as you can't follow another person in, or teleport/prism/pilgrimage/deliver in either.
Caverns of Telfinne All. Avismes are aggro and afflict with confusion, lugores cause deafness, zoguras set on fire.
Dun Fortress All except Tolonar, Aurelia, and the Ogre Baron.
Temple of Sonn All. Choke creepers, creeplings, shadowdrops, and darklings are aggro.
Eastern Iztatl Rainforest (Night) All. Rojalli tend to spawn in large groups.
Ruins of Farsai All. Rojalli, creepers, creeplings, shadowdrops, and darklings are all aggro. At night, this area can easily get mobby, and is usually not very popular for bashing because of it.
Arurer Haven
80+ 90+
Area Mobs
Three Rock Outpost All
Kalydian Forest All
Lich Gardens All
Mamashi Tunnels All
Caverns of Telfinne All
Dun Valley All except Tolonar, Aurelia, and the Ogre Baron.
Temple of Sonn All.
Ollin All. Nazetu guards, boars, and rabid sylls are aggro. Sharks in the water leading up to Ollin are also aggro.
Bhirka Mire All. Ambushers are aggressive and can web. Turtles are also aggressive. Barkhul is invincible unless you complete a quest. If performing the quest to kill Barkhul, kill all the ambushers first, leaving the regular Birhkaens for the quest.
Drakuum (First level) Spirits. If damage is too much for you to handle, hit and run if you need to.
Area Mobs
Fengard Keep All. Not all mobs are aggro, but a fair number are; many of them wander as well, so be prepared to have an aggro mob walk in on you while you're busy killing another. Berserkers are easiest to kill, invokers are the hardest. Berserkers can be killed easily by level 80s if cautious. The area itself is extremely large, and several areas have secret entrances that must be activated in order to get to. A popular area for endgame bashing.
Drakuum All. Darkwalkers are aggro. Semi-popular area.
Arbothia Manor All. Everything here is aggro and has a bad habit of spawning in large groups. They can also stun, prone, and blackout. Low 90s should only take on one at a time, but later it becomes possible to fight two or three at once. This area is very popular for endgame bashing.
Ice Caverns (Lower level) Mother icewyrm needs to be killed in order to access this part of the caves.
Temple of Ati The shadows take on the form of you or someone else in your party, and can use their class abilities (ex. knight shadows use arc and aconite/curare DSLs, mages use staffcast). Not a very popular area due to its difficulty.
Ollin All.
Slavers Hideout All, if you can. All of the slavers are aggro, and are usually in large groups or wander. Not a very popular area due to the amount of damage the mobs can deal and the inconvenient grouping. Only really ever attempted by endgame players. Can be found through a secret exit in southern Delos.
The Volcano All. Another high-level bashing area. Certain elementals can be easier to kill depending on your class.
Scidve Cove All. Everything here is aggro and spawns in groups.